Able VivaGuard Ino Blood Glucose Meter, Black

  • Cutting edge technologies with Eight Electrodes deliver much better accuracy
  • Nine hundred memories with date/time and seven, fourteen, thirty day averaging.
  • Five test reminders to help form a test routine.
  • Unique Design and Easy to Use - Featuring a Strip Ejector that easily disposes of the used strips, hands-free, to prevent accidents of touching used strips with blood for better safety, especially designed for elder patients.
  • Ketone and hypo warning reduce risks caused by extreme glucose values.
  • Auto-shutoff in two minutes after the last action.
  • Code calibration. (auto coding)
  • Ensures sufficient sample size.
  • Eliminates the HCT.
  • Eliminates temperature interference.
  • Checks for possible damage to the test strip.
  • Checks for humidity exposure.



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