Cardinal Health™ Infant Heel Warmer with Tape 4" x 4" Box of 25

  • INFANT HEEL WARMER: Provide a fast, safe and economical means for applying just the right amount of heat to an infant's heel for blood sampling.
  • SODIUM THIOSULFATE HEAT TECHNOLOGY: Convenient and effective, designed to meet the needs of newborn care as it help increase an infant’s blood flow so caregivers can get a quality heel stick the first time.
  • INSTANT SQUEEZE ACTIVATION: The soft, pliable infant heel warmer is easily activated by simply squeezing the pouch. Just activate and it’s ready to use. A consistent and effective heat therapy for your convenient use.
  • MEDICAL-GRADE TAPE STRIP: Require no cooling off period and have no sharp edges to harm caregiver or patient. The heel warmer quickly reaches the proper temperature and will retain this temperature for several minutes.
  • LATEX-AND DEHP-FREE: Offered with and without a convenient attachment tab, the neonatal products are made of non-toxic materials that do not contain DEHP. The single-use item comes in a case of 100.

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