Drawtex® Hydro-Conductive Dressing with LevaFiber&trade, 4" x 4" Box of 10

Drawtex® is a hydro-conductive, non-adherent Wound Dressing with LevaFiber™ Technology. LevaFiber™ is a combination of two types of absorbent cross-action structure that creates the ability to draw exudate away from the wound surface while removing toxic components, such as slough, necrotic tissue and bacteria. Drawtex® provides hydro-conductive debridement that lifts and loosens adherent slough. Even slough that is not taken up into the dressing migrates toward the dressing so that it can be easily removed when the dressing is changed.

  • Can be layered for heavily exudation wounds.
  • Can be cut to fit wounds of different shapes or sizes.
  • Any side of Drawtex® can be used against the wound bed.
  • Can be used with non-adherent dressings.
  • Does not shed fibers or break apart when saturated and can be easily removed.
  • Can be used under compression.
  • Absorbs up to 5 times its weight.
  • Up to seven days wear time.
  • Only 3mm thick.
  • Requires securing with a bandage or film dressing.
  • Sold as Box of 10

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