Sani Hands Alc Antimicrogel Hand Wipes 135 per canister

  • Dual-Action Hand Cleaning & Decontamination
  • Sani-Dex ALC is PDI s latest contribution to the advancement in hand hygiene. Sani-Dex ALC is an antiseptic handwash effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, and yeast.
  • In addition to its decontamination properties, these wipes provide the friction necessary for the removal of debris and soil from hands and under fingernails an important function that non-wipe alcohol-based hand rubs cannot accomplish. The gel-based formula contains 65.9% ethyl alcohol by volume and a moisturizer that leaves no gummy residue or build-up on hands, and is fragrance and dye-free.
  • Convenient quick-pull canisters (with optional wall bracket) and individual pocket packets allow hand cleaning and decontamination anytime, anywhere, in any healthcare setting.
  • Place Sani-Dex ALC in Nursing Stations; Procedure Rooms; Treatment Rooms; Transport Vehicles; and in your pockets to clean and decontaminate hands anytime anywhere.

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