Vital® AF 1.2 Cal Vanilla Flavor Ready to Hang Tube Feeding Formula, 33.8 oz. Carton

  • Vital AF 1.2 Cal contains the following to promote tolerance:
    • Hydrolyzed peptide-based protein system
    • Medium chain triglycerides/fish oil structured lipid, a well-tolerated and absorbed next generation fat to promote absorption of fatty acids
    • 1.2 g of NutraFlora® scFOS® per 8 fluid ounces: scFOS are prebiotic fibers that stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon
  • EPA (2.7 g/L) and DHA (1.1 g/L) from refined fish oil to help modulate inflammation and support immune function
  • 75 g/L protein to meet the increased protein needs of stressed patients (greater than or equal to 1.2 g/kg) and support healing
  • 25.8 mcg/L vitamin D to help meet the increased vitamin D needs of critically ill patients
  • Elevated antioxidants vitamins C and E and selenium to help reduce free radical damage
  • Gluten-free
  • Suitable for lactose intolerance
package quantity

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Application Tube Feeding Formula
Brand Vital® AF 1.2 Cal
Calories Per Serving 1200 Calories
Container Size 33.8 oz.
Container Type Carton
Manufacturer Abbott Nutrition
Package Quantity Individual
Preparation Ready to Hang
Serving Size 33.8 oz. Serving Size
User Adult
Volume 33.8 oz.