Anasept® Antimicrobial Wound Cleanser Bottle with Dispensing Cap, 15 oz

Anasept® Gentle Wound Cleanser Bottle with Dispensing Cap, 15 oz

Anasept Skin and Wound Cleanser is a medical-grade product used in hospitals across the country to effectively cleanse and prevent infection of minor and serious wounds.

This is an extremely safe and gentle skin and wound cleanser with exceptionally rapid broad-spectrum bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal properties. It is stable for two years and is free of necrotizing chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, borates or carbonates found in other antiseptic products.


  • It is a very pure, completely colorless, isotonic, tissue compatible solution.
  • It will not cause unsightly brown Povidone-Iodine stains.
  • Demonstrates exceptionally rapid microbiocidal action.
  • Clinically proven.
  • Subjected to rigorous safety testing.
  • Non-Sterile


Manufacturer #                  4016C
Brand                                Anasept®
Manufacturer                    Anacapa Technologies
Application                       Wound Cleanser
Container Type                  Flip Top Bottle
Ingredients                       Sodium Hypochlorite / Sodium Chloride / Water
Ingredients Range            Sodium Hypochlorite Based



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