Entrust Ostomy Lubricating Odor Eliminator, 8 oz Bottle

Manage your ostomy appliance easier and more efficiently with Entrust clear lubricating odor eliminator by Fortis. Its special formula neutralizes odors that emanate from your ostomy pouch rather than mask the smell with a strong fragrance. Apart from eliminating unpleasant smells, Entrust ostomy care solution lubricates your pocket to make it easier to drain and clean. The solution helps keep your output from pancaking and not draining into the bag properly. This ostomy odor eliminator comes in a clear liquid formula to give you a transparent view of your stoma. With a mild formulation, it is gentle to your stoma and the surrounding tissue. The clear liquid allows for proper monitoring of your output through the pouch without distortion. It's a non-staining solution, which makes it ideal for your daily ostomy appliance maintenance. This ostomy odor control product comes with an easy-to-control nozzle to make it simpler for you to dispense and use. Entrust lubricating and odor eliminating solution is suitable for most ostomy appliances.

  • Entrust ostomy care lubricates and deodorizes ostomy appliances
  • Special formula neutralizes odors rather than masks smells
  • Lubricating properties simplify pouch cleaning and draining
  • Lubricant solution helps keep contents from pancaking
  • Clear liquid formulation maintains a clear view of the stoma
  • Mild fluid is gentle on the stoma and surrounding tissue
  • Non-staining lubricating agent allows for monitoring of the content
  • Easy-to-control nozzle allows precise dispensation
  • 8-ounce bottle

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