Nestle Isosource Tube Feeding Formula, 33.8 oz, Unflavored, Adult, Ready-To-Hang Bag

  • Isosource® 1.5 tube feeding formula is calorically dense, serving the dietary needs of those with limited fluid tolerance
  • Soluble fiber supports healthy digestion, while insoluble fiber improves bowel function
  • The Nestle Isosource® 1.5 nutritionally complete formula contains vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin C and folic acid
  • Casein soy protein maintains lean body mass and muscle
  • Canola oil supplies essential fats and omega-3 fatty acid
  • The unflavored Nestle tube feeding formula contains no lactose or gluten
  • The ready-to-hang 33.8-oz bag contains pre-mixed formula for time-saving convenience
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Application Tube Feeding Formula
Brand Isosource® 1.5 Cal
Calories Per Serving 1500 Calories
Container Size 33.8 oz.
Container Type Bag
Manufacturer Nestle Healthcare Nutrition
Package Quantity Individual
Preparation Ready to Hang
Serving Size 33.8 oz. Serving Size
User Adult
Volume 33.8 oz.