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Choosing the Right Overnight Protection

While many might equate bed wetting with children, it’s not just an issue associated with the young—millions of adults wake up during the night to find that they’ve wet the bed.

Why? There’s a number of issues that could be contributing to nocturnal enuresis (nighttime incontinence), including hormonal imbalance, overactive bladder, a medication side effect, injury, or some other health issue. Regardless of why it’s happening, adult nighttime incontinence is a serious problem that many people will find themselves dealing with in their lifetime. Not only is it uncomfortable and disruptive to your sleep patterns, but the additional dirty laundry can also be frustrating as well. That’s why choosing the right bladder control underwear or underpad is important.

"Incontinence products come in a variety of sizes, materials, and textures with varying features to protect your skin and give you comfort and protection."

Where to buy adult incontinence products? You can buy medical supplies for this issue in stores and online. Buying bladder control underwear online has the perks of being easily done from home, usually with the option to buy in bulk while perusing a variety of products and their features.

1. How do you choose which product to buy?

Incontinence products come in a variety of sizes, materials, and textures with varying features to protect your skin and give you comfort and protection. Consider absorbency, fit, and breathability when looking for the best product.

Absorbency. First, decide your level of nighttime incontinence. If you’re only leaking a small amount, you will probably need less protection than someone who has a total loss of bladder control while sleeping. If you’re releasing heavy loads at night, you’re going to be looking for something that has high absorbency like Tena Intimates Overnight Absorbent Underwear, which has a high-absorbency core and a W-shaped absorbent zone that conforms to the curves of your body and channels liquids away from the skin. Tena Large Underpad can provide protection for lighter leaks and supply additional security for heavier ones with its leakage absorption. Designed for women, Tena also has pads like the Tena Intimates Overnight Bladder Control Pad, which has a 3D technology that wicks fluids away and Dry-Fast Core super-absorbent microbeads.

2. The right fit.

Whether you’re looking for pads, briefs, or underwear, there’s a variety of sizes and styles to take into consideration. Some products specifically target women or men, while many products are gender neutral. For women, you can check out Prevail for Women Daily Absorbent Underwear with a contour fit around the legs and a cloth-like material for comfort. The Tena Women Super Plus Absorbent Underwear with its soft, tri-laminate material looks and feels even more like real underwear. For men, you can check out options like the Prevail Boxers for Men Maximum Absorbent Underwear. A well-fitting product won’t just make sure you’re comfortable, it will also protect you better from leakage while you sleep.

3. Breathability.

When a product is breathable, it protects skin from rashes, sores, and ultimately is more comfortable and cooler. For instance, Attends Briefs with Overnight Protection offers SmartCool breathable materials, odor control, and leak prevention. If you see the term, “moisture wicking” when looking to buy an incontinence product, you can be confident it is offering breathable protection.

Whatever your nighttime needs, you can feel confident that in the variety of products available you will find one that works for you and allows you to get the rest you need.


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