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What Causes Incontinence in Seniors?

Experiencing urinary incontinence is a delicate matter, one that many find embarrassing. Yet it’s a prevalent issue, especially among aging adults.

So, what is incontinence? Well, urinary incontinence is when a person leaks urine accidently. According to , 1 in 10 people aged 65+ deals with incontinence ranging from mild to chronic total loss of control. It can happen during simple activities, such as sneezing, running, or lifting. Although incontinence issues can affect anyone,Johns Hopkins Medicine notes it’s most common in older people, particularly women over 50.

But what makes urinary incontinence more prevalent in seniors? As people age, they begin to lose muscle mass. Muscles in the bladder help move urine from the bladder to the urethra, but when the muscles relax without warning, urine leaks occur.

While some causes of urinary incontinence can be treated, there’sa number of different types to take into consideration, including stress incontinence, urge incontinence, overflow incontinence, mixed incontinence, and functional incontinence, which is when an older person has normal bladder control but is unable to get to the bathroom because of loss of mobility. In older people, certain medications can also boost urine production and make leaks happen more frequently.

Urinary incontinence can be isolating for people suffering in quiet, and it’s a problem older adults shouldn’t have to live with. There are incontinence products that can help protect against rashes and sores, while also helping to keep seniors dry and comfortable so they can live confidently, without depression and fear.

Incontinent underwear products can help the wearer feel more confident that they’re fully protected against both light and heavy leaks, including the Abri-Flex Premium L2 Absorbent Incontinence Underwear, which has more elastic threads to provide a firm and comfortable body fit, stays in place for active use, and is fully breathable; the Tena Comfort Unisex Knit Pant offers a lightweight airy fabric design; or for overnight protection the Tena Overnight Super Absorbent Underwear with its W-shaped absorbent zone conforms to the curves of the body and channels liquids away from skin.

For lighter leaks and more subtle protection, there’s the Poise Bladder Control Pads, Light Absorbency , made for women and featuring an Absorb-Loc® core that draws fluids away from the skin to keep it dry and odor-free, or Discreet Liners Bladder Control Pads from Attends, offering odor shield and premium softness.

Aging isn’t the easiest process, but urinary incontinence is a health issue that affects millions of people, so you don’t have to deal with this alone. Knowing there are many incontinence products that can help keep you dry, comfortable, and confident is the first step to putting incontinence worries behind you.


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